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Affiliate Referral Program

how it works...

You have wonderful guests enjoying their stay in our great city!

All of us want our guests to have the best time... you, us & the guests...

We are giving you the opportunity not only to be able to recommend your guests one of the best restaurants in the city,

but get priority booking status, & also make a little extra money in the process!

A win, win... happy customers, happy businesses!

By successfully referring your guests to our restaurant, we are offering you 7.5% of their restaurant spend back to you by way of commission. A little thank you for referring us!

All you have to do, is refer them! by making a reservation on our website for them, using your unique referral code.

let’s do it...

simply complete the following form to sign up

make sure you use your referral code on all new bookings

(give the code to your front desk staff, concierge, anyone who will make the booking to make sure you are linked to the booking!)

each month you will receive 7.5% of the spend of all successful referrals! easy peasy...

Upload PDF Document

Thanks for signing up!

 Start referring straight away!

Terms & Conditions Qualifying bookings must include your unique code on all new table reservations at our website: Your code must only be used for guests staying at your establishment, or those for whom you have made a genuine referral link. A maximum of one referral per new customer will be accepted. Reservation requests will be confirmed or declined within 1minute of your online table request. We refuse the right to decline any request for reservation. A successful referral requires the booking to be made, the guests to attend and to settle their bill before departing. Commission is calculated at 7.5% of the net guest spend. The total bill, less any discounts, less VAT. Each month you will receive a report, to your registered email, outlining the successful referrals and the commission amount each referral earned you. This will be paid by Vinaria Ltd to the nominated bank account within 14-days of the month end. Vinaria Ltd and the referring party can at any time decide to stop working together by giving notice by email. Neither party are under any obligation to make a referral nor accept any referral. The affiliate referral program is designed for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. It is expected that all parties enter into this in the spirit in which it is intended.

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